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The saying goes, “Water is life,” but the growing water scarcity has affected millions of people in this world. Many studies estimate that 2/3rd of the world population is facing water scarcity. The challenging increase in world population, industrial pollution that devastated the entire ecosystem, global warming & unethical distribution of natural resources among various classes of humans contribute to water scarcity. But with little effort, we can solve this problem. Humans have a natural tendency to find solutions to problems & make ways to live on Earth.

Before the common era, boreholes were used as a method to meet the need for water. Ancient Chinese, Greek, Romans & Indians have been using boreholes. A borehole is a narrow vertical (sometimes horizontal) hole into the ground to extract water. Borehole water is rainwater that goes deep into the ground and gets trapped between the rock layers. 

Millions of people around the world use borehole water. 

Water from private boreholes is an effective resource and contributes extensively to meeting water needs. Borehole water is considered suitable for drinking (in most areas depending upon local conditions), irrigations, washing & cleaning purposes, showering & stock keeping. Let alone the borehole drilling prices are make sense to have as an investment for your property.

Why having a borehole at home is a better option?

We’ve always been able to benefit from mother nature’s kindness. All we need is to find ways to get close to her. Boreholes have numerous benefits, some of which I have listed below.

Uninterrupted Water Supply

A borehole is a one-time investment & almost a lifetime benefit. Engineers estimate that a borehole constructed after proper & calculated effort can provide you uninterrupted water supply for decades. It needs timely maintenance & minimal running costs, but it is an investment worth considering.

Boreholes are assets

The ecosystem is devastating. Water scarcity is common. Let us take the example of the Western Cape, where drought has affected life. A borehole is a must-have option for the house. 

Boreholes increase the value of your property. During the absence of or less municipal water supply, a personal borehole allows you to clean & maintain your garden. It also gives you a lot of relief when it comes to the water supply.

A perfect option for Personal & Commercial use

People use borehole water for cooking, drinking, irrigation, maintaining gardens, washing, cleaning & watering livestock. Apart from personal use, borewell water can also be used in car washing service houses, laundry, construction, agriculture & for many other commercial uses.

Less burden on municipal supply

As the population is increasing, every region is facing a scarcity of resources. Having a personal borehole at your property empowers you & divides the burden on municipal supply. By sharing the municipal load, you contribute to the progress of your region & local emergency state operations like firefighters & mass construction projects can get a kick start without worrying about the resources.


Water boreholes are a long-term investment that will set you free of the worries of water tariffs, scarcity of water from your municipal supply & you can continue your daily chores without keeping the timings of water supply. It is a continuous supply of natural water.

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Local Businesses




Imagine you are hungry & craving a delicious food item. You entered a restaurant. You are checking the menu card for something worth spending your money on. Ahaaa, there you are, Lamb Sandwich. Menu Card defines it as Lamb leg from our farm, roasted and served on freshly made, fluffy, pita bread with a traditional harissa-yogurt dip that will enhance the juicy taste of lamb. Topped with cucumber chunks and grated feta cheese, served with two different dips & pickled onions radish and pickled red onion. Okay, That’s it. You have decided to order this legend, only to hear: Sorry Sir, this item is not available right now. We apologize. Ooops. There is where a hungry customer feels betrayed. You have the items on the menu card but not in your kitchen. You can believe it this may be the last time a customer is visiting your restaurant. The blame goes to the poor supply chain you chose for the food items distribution for your kitchen. Therefore, your business should choose a reputable food distributor.

Why Food Distributor?

For a medium to large food business, a reputable food distributor like Oil n More is inevitable to boost the business. Food distributor plays the middleman between an organization that produces the food and the customer (or retailer). The main job of a food distributor is to provide a range of products (vegetables, fruits, spices, confectionery ingredients, milk, etc.) directly from farms to their clients (restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets & regular food sellers). The presence of a food distributor reduces the amount of effort & saves time for the foodservice provider to spend hours & hours hunting for good quality food products needed for their business. They bring fresh items at regular intervals, directly to the kitchen. They also save a lot of difficulty & other worries like transportation & preservation or maintenance of products. For any food seller, having a food distributor is an intelligent investment. Even for small businesses, food distributors share a lot of burdens & help them grow by investing their energy to focus on customers and lets not forget about Veg and More the sister company for the fresh goods.

Why Choose a Reputable Food Distributor?

Most people will start appreciating their meals once they know how all the ingredients on their plate arrived & well preserved to serve at their best. The process is not only complex but essential to maintain the flavour & reputation of a restaurant. It is certainly not something to be taken for granted. To serve a delicious, fresh meal on your consumer’s table, it needs cooperation & efficiency from food distributors to restaurant owners. Their efforts blend to maintain the reputation of a food place. The food management process is an art. It requires a lot of communication, timely info-sharing & constant efforts from both sides, i-e: food service provider & restaurant management. The process needs keen research, organization, and discussion led to decisions & prompt delivery.

Benefits of choosing the right food distributor

Your food business demands regular customer dealing; you should focus on making your services better & better rather than worrying about products & transportation, delivery & quality of food & the stock availability of all the ingredients. A reputable food distributor will provide you with your required stuff. With their experience in the field, they will provide you with quality food products.


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