Chaos as alcoholics hijack a beer truck: See Pictures

There was chaos as a community of drunkards hijacked a South African Brewery truck full of beers while making a delivery. Witnesses at the scene say drunkards could not contain themselves as they were full of excitement following the hijack. Here are the pictures taken at Wetton circle, Emdee Centre, Cape Town, LANSDOWNE in Western Cape South Africa where the hijack took place!



When we asked witnesses how the drunkards carried out the hijacking, it is alleged that they poured oil on a road which was already slippery. And apparently when the driver slowed down in order to gain control of the swerving truck, the drunks swiftly moved in and apprehended the driver and 2 passengers throwing them out of the truck and then stole as much booze as possible. It is alleged that some of them even hired taxis to transport their stolen beers.