Blacks are not allowed to speak their African languages at this apartheid school but whites can speak Afrikaans

STUDENTS at Pretoria High School for Girls claim they have been subjected to racism and that their blackness has been discouraged.

Gauteng MEC Panyaza Lesufi will visit the school today to investigate the racism allegations.

The girls say school rules forbid African hairstyles such as afros, bantu knots, dreadlocks and braids.

They also claim they are not allowed to speak their mother tongue and that a teacher called them monkeys when they were singing and chanting in class.

The Citizen reported that a petition was circulated that had gathered 4 201 signatures by early Monday morning. The petition accuses the school of forcing black girls to straighten their natural hair and that they are accused of “conspiring” when standing together in groups.

Lesufi told Radio 702 that he had heard the allegation that when pupils spoke Afrikaans, no action was taken against them for that.

Some of the students staged a protest on Sunday, and security personnel threatened to arrest them.